Friday, December 29, 2017

Diving into Design

Recently, my company has made some changes to our platform and branding. They asked the Designers to all submit three designs. Our owner ended up just using our old logo. But here are the redesigns that I submitted.

Here is the original design...

Merry Christmas!

At work we designers have been creating coloring pages to give to our clients as little holiday gifts. Here is one of my pages that I did for Christmas. I typically don't like movies or shows where so much horrible stuff happens but for some reason I absolutely LOVE Christmas Vacation! This year I watched it three times in the span of one week with my sisters.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Santa Claus

For about a year and a half I have worked as a graphic designer in Kaysville. I spent a lot of my time creating little slideshows and converting them into videos to be little advertisements for businesses. During some downtime I created this little chestnut for inside our office. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

First GIF

Have you ever played the game Telestrations? Well, where I currently work we play it all the time as the Design Team for a team building exercise. This is my very first GIF and it was inspired by one of our team building sessions. It's called "Flying Pool Table Cat". Enjoy!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Just a Few More to Look at.

Since it's been so long I'm going to to just post as much as I can find.
 This was the cover picture for a Coloring Book I did of some friends that got married.
And here is a sketch. I think I did this to try out a new tablet.
And here are just a bunch of early American History pictures.

Possible Project

I can't give too
many details at this point but here is a picture I did as a sample for a new project.

Never Too Early for Halloween!

I've been working on making these paper dolls for Halloween. I would would like to have them finished before September this year so that they can be available for the month of October. I want to have a little boy and little girl available in Magnets so that they can hang on the fridge and have enough options to have a new costume most of the days of the month.