Saturday, April 2, 2016

Just a Few More to Look at.

Since it's been so long I'm going to to just post as much as I can find.
 This was the cover picture for a Coloring Book I did of some friends that got married.
And here is a sketch. I think I did this to try out a new tablet.
And here are just a bunch of early American History pictures.

Possible Project

I can't give too
many details at this point but here is a picture I did as a sample for a new project.

Never Too Early for Halloween!

I've been working on making these paper dolls for Halloween. I would would like to have them finished before September this year so that they can be available for the month of October. I want to have a little boy and little girl available in Magnets so that they can hang on the fridge and have enough options to have a new costume most of the days of the month.